A nice repartee with Mimmo Scali: an Italo-Canadian abstract artist.

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You live in Quebec and you have Italian roots. Can you talk about these two realities?

Yes, I was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1987 to Italian immigrant parents.

My father is from Calabria and my mother from Benevento. We were four kids.

Do you feel yourself like a cosmopolitan artist in a changing world?

Yes, we live in a fast pace society, sometimes you just need to take step back and ground yourself.

Gold Love - Mimmo Scali

Why were you attracted by Pop art? I can say you maintain, as an abstract artist, a pop palette.

Pop art was fun and amusing, I could of told story’s in my paintings . Abstract is new to me, I loving it!!! It mixes with my emotions and the colours help bring it all together!My mom signed me for public kids' art classes and I was diagnosed at the age of twelve with dyscromatopsia, an abnormality of vision that affects the colours' perception. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate Colours, it’s a challenge but when I can’t I’ll ask my partner for help!

I read that your favorite artist is JR, what do you think about his last artwork on Palazzo Strozzi's facade?

His work is just so wonderful, very uplifting!

La Terra - Mimmo Scali

Which are your other inspiring artists or artworks you think are basically unforgettable?

I love the pop artists! I was attracted as a teenager by artists like Warhol, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein. I think artists like Van Gogh and Picasso are just unforgettable... but I get inspired with music also!

Which readings, visual, sound or cinematographic works have influenced or are influencing your work?

Films that I love, there are so many: La dolce vita, Almost famous, Goodfellas... the list goes on.

But music is a big influence: From 60s to 70s, Modern music, like Peter Cat Recording Co. and Andrea Laszlo De Simone. Anything that touches the soul and lifts you up!!

Lyrics are like art ... art is like lyrics!

How are you experiencing this difficult time of the pandemic?

Keep creating !!! I told myself: DON'T stop creating! Always involving... It is the only solution to preserve the energy.

Is your work moving forward or do you feel held back and disheartened?

The more o practice, the more I evolve.

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