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Stefan Doru Moscu, an interview

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You were born in Romania and have exhibited in many places such as the USA, Germany, UK... would you like to tell us a significant episode from your childhood that led you to become an artist and a confirmation that you had in adulthood on the validity of your choice ?

My father was a wood sculptor and I have grown surrounded by his works of art. I don’t remember a significant episode from my childhood that led me to become an artist, I think I was born this way and I always had my family support. The fact that I am a full time artist and I make a living by doing art is the most important confirmation that choosing to become an artist was the right thing to do.

The healing spot - Stefan Doru Moscu

For the exhibition "Not So Ordinary Objects" you shared with us two frames of interiors. What do that chair and that armchair you portray mean for you?

The silence that lodge when someone you love is gone.

I often portray people in heterogeneous situations, I think portraying objects can evoke deep meanings and have a similar expressive power.

You are interesting in textures, you like see how an object corroded in time. Why?

Because I like textures and everything that’s visual appealing.

Which readings, visual, sound or cinematographic works have influenced or are influencing your work?

I’m a big fan of David Lynch’s work in cinema and also in music. I also like Andrei Tarkovsky and some good old SF movies like Metropolis (1927), Logan's run (1976) and Tron (1982) or Werner Schroeter's short movie Aggressionen from 1968, Jaromil Jireš's film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders from 1970, and the list can go on and on.

How are you experiencing this difficult time of the pandemic? Is your work moving forward or do you feel held back and disheartened (due to lack of contacts/resources)?

Last year I had some international shows canceled and the sales started to decrease. At this point almost everything moved to online, this year I am involved in four online group exhibitions so far. The lockdown had a negative impact on me and my work, and I think this happened to lots of artist, because when you don’t have shows, the galleries are closed, the sales are decreasing, you find yourself in a bad place and that affects the creative process.

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