Stefano Regondi, the images carrying us into his world

Aktualisiert: 15. Dez 2020

Stefano Regondi, through his photographs, talks about places, people and emotions; leveraging only the features of the camera and reducing post-production to a minimum. Nowadays, often and willingly, the editing software is the one that turns the shot into the image that the photographer would have wished to render and this puts, too often, in the background the real photographic work.

The study of light, the scenario and the subject plays a fundamental role in Regondi's work, and he delights in experimenting with camera settings to always find new solutions.

The choice of a long shuttering time and a suitable opening of the diaphragm allow the creation of images with an almost futuristic taste as in the case of Whirl, a dynamic rendering of one of the most recognizable places in Milan (the artist's hometown): Piazza Gae Aulenti.

The unconventional use of focus gives life to London Vague and Wien Vague, postcards of barely intuitable cities, recognizable only by their name, and Drops People, an image in which reality is forced to completely lose its shapes.

Snapshots in which the perspectives merge and the colours are dominant, exerting a strong evocative power on the viewer.

The suggestion that comes from trying different techniques or approaches, but also the one that strikes Regondi himself in the first place and that is shown in a picture like Fisherman from the series By the Sea. In this work the man who is portrayed from behind gives us the impression of being the main character, the use of light and the shot from below make him impressive, standing out against a twilight sky; a misleading illusion. The sea is the inspiring element, the sea that cannot be seen directly, but is perceived; by the fishing gear at man's feet and the healthy atmosphere.

Experimentation and the sea, but also man; as it happens in the Streetportraits series.

Snapshots of everyday life, inspired by the curiosity and interest of the photographer who lets himself be charmed by passers-by and catches, in the metropolitan chaos, that detail capable of arousing his interest. The final result of this artistic research are works such as Smoking Plumage and Vanity Fair, chromatic contrasts and dynamic freeze-frames; strangers without history or name, and just for this reason we are intrigued.

We do not know who these unwitting protagonists are, what happened in the moments before or after the shot, it is not a story that Regondi wants to tell us, but his feelings, his emotions, his curiosity.

It' s his way of looking at the world, techniques and subjects change; instead, the skill of communicating through his works his emotions and moods remains, works with a strong expressive power that allow the viewer to come

into touch not only with the work, but with the artist himself.

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